Breast Thermology is a non-invasive test that can identify abnormal heat patterns in breast tissue produced by physiologic changes that may be associated with the risk of breast cancer.

 It is a painless, radiation-free experience that works in partnership with other existing breast cancer detection methodologies to give you (and your health care professional) more information about your breast health.


The Thermal Imaging automated device identifies abnormalities in blood flow and blood vessel formation associated with breast cancer development.

This screening option is a great adjunct to traditional imaging methods such as mammography or ultrasounds and is more reliable than a clinical breast exam (CBE) by offering a new form of measurement. Traditional methods look for lumps or bumps already formed, while thermal imaging measures a physiological response in real time. Savani’s technology offers 5-minute, no contact screening at an affordable price.


Our Technology

Savani Thermal Imaging uses imaging technology from FirstSense Medical. The Sentinel BreastScan II is the only commerically-available, FDA-cleared adjunctive screen method that automates the cool air challenge and is designed specifically to detect abnormalities associated with blood flow.