Savani Thermal Imaging is an innovative breast cancer screening company, offering women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area access to affordable, non-invasive risk assessment.

The center is founded on the principles of using science and data to expand the options in breast cancer detection and prevention/education, for women of all ages and breast types.


Our Clinic

Savani Thermal Imaging, conveniently located at the border of Southlake and Keller, is designed to create a stress free patient experience. The design of the space and warming nature of the office is complimented by its strategic location amongst the town’s best medical offices. Our goal is to add comfort and ease to the doctor’s health visit process.


Our Technology

Savani Thermal Imaging uses imaging technology from FirstSense Medical. The Sentinel BreastScan II is the only commerically-available, FDA-cleared adjunctive screening method that automates the cool air challenge and is designed specifically to detect abnormalities associated with blood flow. 


Breast cancer has touched so many families and friends; after 20+ years in the healthcare space, our family became committed to do more for all women in their breast health journey.